Steel Belt Pastillator

1.Steel belt pastillator(granulator) working principle

Molten material melt by reactors is fed into the pastillator(granulator) head through the material pump at a constant speed and pressure, dropping continuously and evenly when the uniform distribution bar and rotating shell concentrically form a shear force.The molten material drops moves on the surface of the steel belt while the back of steel belt is sprayed by cooling water,transferring the heat quickly to chill water when going through the cooling zone and forms premium solid granules by melt solidification.Finally the solid granules are removed from the steel belt by discharging device and entered to metering and packing process.

2. Steel belt pastillator(granulator) diagram

3.Steel belt pastillator(granulator) features

  • Particle formation rate is much higher than market

  • Hemispherical particle is much more uniform

  • Stable and high productivity

  • Suitable for high and low viscosity material and adaptable to wide range of temperature

  • Smooth liquidity and even liquid pressure to assure the consistent shape and size

  • Accurate cooling design and cooling space with steel belt superior heat transmission to ensure efficient melt solidification

  • Long lifetime of steel belt and equipment

  • Convenient installation, dismantlement and maintenance

  • Environment friendly, dustproof and rotproof,anti -corrosive effect

4. Why Jingtao

There are many pastillators (granulator)in the market, why Jingtao can win so many high end customers since establishment? Jingtao 4G steel belt pastillator(granulator) is positioned in high quality level and correspondingly match customers who need high quality particle. Some of customers who have bought cheap equipment in the market and have many complaints after using then consult back to Jingtao to purchase it to keep their production line stable and high productivity.

So what special advantages does Jingtao have?

  • Jingtao purchase qualified raw material and don’t compromise on raw material.

  • To make the equipment stable, safe and durable, Jingtao creates special elaborate technique with accurate design, which is different from competitors and hard to imitate by them.

  • Pastillator(granulator) head-Uniform distribution bar

Jingtao uniform distribution bar is three times evenly pressure to distribute the liquid pressure and make sure the uniform particles. 

Others’ Liquid pressure is not even and easy to be blocked, causing particles distortion.

  • Pastillator(granulator) head -Rotating shell

Jingtao rotating shell is resistant to high temperature, strong acid and alkali. The surface is smooth and easy to clean. The wall thickness is about 2mm. The liquid material has a short travel distance and fast discharge. High durability without deformation; The particles are uniform.


Others’ rough surface, thickness about 5mm, the liquid material has a long travel distance and slow discharge., absorbing more heat, and not easy to keep warm. It is easy to block the material and continuous particles occurs easily; Particles are relatively thin and not full.

  • Pastillator (granulator)head-Refeed bar

Jingtao refeed bar uses 304 stainless steel slotted in one time, much long lifetime without deformation by multiple heat treatment

Three - edge slotted Mosaic type cleaning scraper, ensure no residual material on the surface of the cylinder.

Clean the discharge hole to ensure the secondary drop does not drag the tail, particles more uniform.

Others don’t have refeed bar. Some is fixed by crossbeam steel and cannot be attached to rotating shell well. It is only used for heating and heat preservation and can’t clean the rotating shell. It is hard disassemble.

  • Cooling zone-Tension end

Jingtao tension end adopt disc spring, offering the suitable stretch automatically to ensure the long lifetime of steel belt and correct the deviation of the steel belt.

Others adapt spiral spring or even without any spring, no enough tension to the steel belt, cause to steel belt break, affecting the lifetime of steel belt.

  • Cooling zone -Support assembly

Jingtao support assembly :

Upper belt support assembly as herringbone shape using high wear-resistant electric board to support the steel belt steadily

and scrape down the water quickly by rapid heat exchange.

Lower belt

Roller with 4 points of support instead of a whole. The built-in maintenance-free bearing ensures a longer lifetime.



Others upper belt support adopt normal phenolic or epoxy board, it can soften in the water and can’t scrape the water well.


Lower belt support makes the roller as a whole without separate section, causing the distortion of steel belt and finally affect the lifetime of steel belt.

  • Cooling zone-spray assembly

Jingtao: Water pipe with semicircular stainless

sprayed in a solid cone on the back of the steel belt, taking away the heat from the belt.

Design(1.5m steel belt widith): every 2.5m with 4 rows water pipe and each row is 7 pcs nozzle, 5m cooling section 56pcs,4 rows large nozzle accurate layout and angle sprayed;Large diameter nozzle –significant cooling effect;Quick release design –easy cleaning and replacement.



Others makes the solid cone water form a cross collision before they are sprayed on the steel belt, causing the water falling in the middle, so the cooling and heat exchange efficiency is low.

  • Cooling zone-water collection and drainage

Jingtao water collection and drainage: all parts contacting with water adopt 304 stainless steel, with maintenance free, waterproof and rustproof.  Jingtao drainage design detailly to avoid water leakage and make water drain smoothly. All parts contact with water, we use 304 stainless steel. We make water collecting plate with slope design to ensure water to drain tank with high pressure, which can quickly discharge the water.

Others: To save cost, not all parts adopt 304 stainless steel, causing to leakage of water and no rust proof. And the water is blocked inside and can't drain very quickly.

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