JT1100SA Steel Belt

1. Jingtao steel belt (conveyor belt) introduction

Steel belt(conveyor belt) is one of the main parts of solidification systems, because qualified steel belt is vital to premium granules and flakes.

Jingtao steel belt (conveyor belt )is characteristic of special chemical and mechanical features that suitable for cooling and solidification, using leading Japan brand Nippon Yakin with a history around 100 years as steel belt raw material, which specially design for Jingtao as melt solidification. Jingtao steel belt can apply to professional convey systems, suitable to cooling, dry, baking and pressing in different industries. Jingtao steel belt JT1100SA is a cold-rolled austenitic stainless steel belt with reasonable and optimized fatigue resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and weldability


Why Jingtao

  • Jingtao purchase qualified top 1 steel belt raw material and don’t compromise on raw material.

  • Jingtao use qualified Nippon Yakin steel belt instead of band steel, steel belt is special design requirement to meet cool and melt solidification, while band steel can’t meet the requirement, but many others using band steel to save cost in general.

  • Jingtao has over 20 years rich experience in steel belt installation and welding, so we can ensure steel belt stick well with guide V-belt and can weld well

2. Jingtao steel belt (conveyor belt) features

  • Premium mechanical characteristics much higher than the market,

    such as tensile strength, yield strength, hardness, straightness accuracy, elongation

  • Premium chemical features as well and superior heat transmission

  • High quality steel belt ensures stable capability and efficient

  • High wear resistance

  • Fatigue and corrosion resistance

  • Smooth surface, easy to clean and maintain

  • Good rigidity and high hardness for long lifetime with low elongation

  • Resistance and wide range temperature adaptable to thermal changes

  • Full width specially treated for high uniformity throughout the long life.

  • Versatile application for different material in different field

  • Tailor made size available

Chemical Composition (%)


Mechanical Properties

Yield StrengthN/mm2>780
Tensile strengthN/mm2>1100
Fatigue strengthN/mm2>450
Welding coefficient
Specific heatkJ/kgK0.50
Elastic coefficient (200℃) RTN/mm2180,000
Thermal expansion (200℃) RT10-6/K17.8
Thermal conductivity (200℃)W/mk18
Maximum working temperature250℃

3. Jingtao steel belt (conveyor belt )specification

Jingtao steel belt selection is based on drum diameter, speed, material characteristic and environment.
 Steel belts will be supplied both ends open to weld on site or pre-welded loop. Different applications need different precision belts, ensuring optimal economic benefits.

Please consult our sales to choose suitable steel belt specification based on following sheet.

Thickness (mm)Width (mm)







Jingtao steel belt(conveyor belt) services, including:

  • Steel belt installations

  • Steel belt repair

  • Steel belt inspection

  • Steel belt replacements

  • Belting and spare parts

4.Jingtao steel belt (conveyor belt )guide adhesive V-belt

Jingtao use special tools to make the V-belt stick into back of steel belts tightly to prevent deviation.

The firmly bonded rubber guide adhesive V-belt will balance the steel belt effectively and also prolong the lifetime of steel belt.

5.Jingtao steel belt (conveyor belt) automatic tracking system

Jingtao develops automatic tracking system to fulfill customers’ need for high reliable and stable steel belt operation automatically. With elaborate design, quick automatic reaction and high reliability, Jingtao automatic tracking system can narrow set range for better running accuracy of steel belt and can reduce breakdown loss as fully automatic tracking, so more and more customers from different industries need automatic tracking system solution.


6.Jingtao steel belt (conveyor belt) application 

Cooling solidification conveying

Dry solidification conveying

Powder and solid conveying

Film casting conveying

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