Certificate: In 2014, we was honored with "CHINA UP-AND-COMERS" by Forbes for rapid growth potential.

Honors:Jingtao steel belt is strategic partnership with China Science Academy as high-tech enterprise
Jingtao steel belt delivered the first double belt cooler in 2006.
Jingtao steel belt delivered two sets steel belt Pastillators in 2009.
In 2014, Jingtao steel belt was honored with "CHINA UP-AND-COMERS" by Forbes.
In 2015, Jingtao steel belt become the No. 1 double belt cooler manufacturer in China, occupying 76% market share.
In 2016, Jingtao 4G steel belt Pastillator launched.
In 2019, Jingtao steel belt self-construct plant begin to use ,which can supply 100pcs capacity per year.