Jingtao steel belt offers the high efficient performance melt solidification solution to the industry process with reliable and professional service in this field. We can help customers do melt solidification of high and low viscosity molten materials in the shape of granules or flakes. There are various fields which need Jingtao steel belt melt solidification equipment and services, such as chemical, construction, food and medicine etc. No matter our customers have already used steel belt equipment or not, Jingtao steel belt will offer the satisfied ,suitable and customized solution to customers’ field and materials. The versatility of our equipment means there are many potential applications. Our steel belt systems are applicable but not limited to following chemicals.

Acrylic resin Fischer-Tropsch wax Phthalic anhydride
AKD wax Guanidine nitrate Pigment
Aluminum sulfate Homogenizing agent Polydextrose
Antiager Hot melt adhesive Polyester resin
Antioxidants Isosorbide Polyethylene wax
Antistatic agent Keto aldehyde resin Potassium nitrate
Bakelite Lactide Protective wax
Beeswax Lauryl glutamic acid Rosin resin
Brominated epoxy resin Light stabilizer Rubber additives
Calcium nitrate Magnesium nitrate Spices
Calcium Magnesium Nitrate Microcrystalline wax Stearic acid
Casting wax Modified asphalt Sulfur
Chloroacetic acid M-phenylene diamine Surfactant
Chocolate Neopentyl glycol Synthetic resin
Cobalt salt adhesive Nitro compound fertilizer Tar
Depilatory wax Paracide Terpene resin
Dispersant Paraffin wax TGIC curing agent
Emulsion explosive PEEK Trimethylolpropane
Engineering plastics Pentadiene resin Urinary compound fertilizer
Epoxy resin Hydrocarbon resin Water Reducing Agent
Fatty alcohols Phenolic resin to be continued…