Shanghai Jingtao Steel Belt Technology Co. Ltd. ,established in 2002, is a manufacturer that integrates design, R&D, production, sales and service, specializing in steel belt cooling solidification equipment producing granules and flakes for melt materials , having a professional creative technical team with over 20 years experience.
      Due to the rapid development of the market and customers, in 2017, Jingtao bought a land to construct new modern factory in Huzhou, Zhejiang. Jingtao strictly follows the ISO9001 quality management system. In 2019, a new modern plant was put into use, which can meet the annual production capacity of 100 units , and was also equipped the latest production equipment ,production line, machine center, cutting center ,welding center and technical test center. Jingtao has established the strategic partnership with China Science Academy . As high-tech enterprise, Shanghai Jingtao has become one of renowned steel belt cooling solidification equipment manufacturer with high quality product, cutting-edge technology, user-friendly
design and professional service, as well as cooperation experience with world top 500 companies at home and abroad. Jingtao has been rated as the most developmental enterprise by Forbes.


Jingtao products mainly include steel belt pastillator, double belt coolers, single belt coolers, high quality steel belt, double steel belt press, drum vulcanizer,single steel belt electronic diaphragm machine etc, widely used in various fields such as resin, daily chemical , fine chemical, electronic , pharmaceutical intermediates, food, casting film, wood, rubber, plastic and new material industries. Through near 20 years continuous creation of products, Jingtao equipment in the resin industry ranks first; Jingtao double steel belt coolers occupies 76% of the domestic market ; Jingtao new fourth-generation steel belt pastillator technology is also leading the industry’s new technical development and environmental protection new standard.

Jingtao practices the culture of respecting for nature and loving for mankind, adhering to the tenet of “seeking innovation with heart, and seeking development with competition and the spirit of “surviving by quality, benefit by management and development by technology ” Jingtao will continue to adopt innovative technology and make meticulous safety design ,creating value for customers, creating the best and most valuable products in the industry. Jingtao customers are all over the world, such as China, UK, India, Thailand, Malaysia etc. Jingtao people sincerely invite global partners to embark on a new journey and create new brilliance together!!!